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Words of Encouragement

Olatomi Gabriel

Journey of the Music

Yaxuan Wang

Supporting Hands

Erin Park

My Soul

Lily Hyman

Sleepy Morning Drives

Eunice Lee

My Hair and I

Samma Faragalla

With the Help of a Promise

Ayah Abbassi

Teas, Herbs and Love

Soojin Kim

Not Like Other Moms

Adriana Facusse


Mariam Muheisen

Encourage for the Artist's Future

Yoojin Jeon

Sharon Lee

Love of Family

Hajin Kim


Yuna Lee

Tree of Dreams

Yaritza Villegas

Steadfast Dad

Chayenne Rojas

Dream Dust: Elongated Haiku Poem

Victoria DeVito

Seams of My Support

Vinaya Vittal

To Infinity and Beyond

Anna Getcliffe

My Future

Shahd Talbeh