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My Mom Empowers Me to be Confident

Mariah Fay

Running Through My Mind

Charlize Diaz

Caring Community

Esperanza Baquedano


Ahlam Zalat

The Moon

Adrian Caballero

Be a Leader, Not a Follower

Brianna Morrishaw

Apple Picking

Kiera Reeves

My Dear Beloved Parents

Jesus Calderon

The Strongest Bond

Sophia Lerro

Don't Follow the Crowd

Angela Eggie

I Love You, Mom

Amy Leon

A Moment to Mourn

Daniel Givens

Cherish What Matters

Christine Lane Anthony

All Are Beautiful

Shay Searles

Passed On

Abby Weisbeck

Dua Zaidi

Look Inside Her

Adam Boberick


Ashleigh Tavaska

A Day in Their Shoes

Emily Crawford

Saturday Mornings

Grace Kelly