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Thank you for your patience as we were forced to reconfigure the judging for this year's contest in light of the COVID-19 coronavirus public health emergency. Judging is completed and we anticipate being able to make an officeial announcement soon. Check back regularly for updates on the 2020 contest results.


As state officials, educators and community leaders, we can help illuminate, for our young men and women, the many real parental responsibilities that extend beyond clothing, food, and shelter. Supporting children takes more than just money. As we all know, mothers and fathers play an important role in children's social, psychological, and moral development. But the realities of the long-term, legal and financial obligations associated with being a biological parent are equally important to understand.

In 1995, the State Department of Human Services (DHS) sponsored its first Annual Teen Media Contest focusing on parental responsibility. It was created out of concern for the significant number of teen births in New Jersey, and the non-participation by fathers in the lives of these infants.

Today, the Office of Child Support Services at DHS continues to educate young people on the responsibilities of parenthood through this statewide contest, which is now open to all New Jersey middle school and high school students.


How to Enter

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  • Assign the project to your students and remember, all entries must meet the specifications outlined in the rules.


  • All entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form. All entry forms must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • You or your student can submit the entry. Submission guidelines can be found in the official rules.
  • Submit the artwork by March 11, 2020 to:

For Hardcopy Artwork:

Teen Media Contest
c/o WSPR

550 Broad Street, Suite 804
Newark, NJ 07102

          For Electronic Submission of Written Entries ONLY:


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